Monday, June 05, 2006

Dominguez Waterfall

This is where I took my one and only shower of the weekend, so I was highly appreciative of this location. We camped nearby, and it was cool to hear the water all night long. Showers under waterfalls are great, but also freezing and kind of painful. The sacrifices I am willing to make for clean hair! Posted by Picasa

Dominguez Canyon -- where we camped

Typical me spent a whole weekend doing something really cool and took not one picture of the event. My excuses are as follows: 1) my camera was not accessible to me in the tippy canoe and 2) I looked like ass (as the above picture will attest. Well, actually, no it won't because I chickened out and didn't post it) and so was not as enthusiastic about photo-taking as I may have otherwise been. That said, it's not all about me so I could have taken pictures of other things besides my unattractive self. Anyway, I didn't, so I'm relying on the charity of others for the photos I do have.

This is a shot of where we camped on the last night, which was really cool. We sailed through red canyons all weekend, explaining where Colorado got its name "color red." I thought that floating in a canoe all weekend would be really relaxing and lazy, but turns out that's not really true. It was very fun, but it was a lot of loading and unloading, setting up and taking down, and so forth. Still, once you get into camping, there's nothing like being outside for days at a time.

Because I love space

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This is a picture of Titan, one of Saturn's moons as it peeks out behind Saturn's rings. The photo was taken from the scientific space craft Cassini, which shot the picture from about 1.1 million miles away. For more information about the Cassini-Huygens mission, visit

While this is sort of a random post, it's relevant because what I really want to post about is my float trip down the Gunnison River. We had a great trip and one of the coolest things was the night sky. When you that far out of civilization and that high up, you can really see some amazing stars and I so loved it.

Anyway, enjoy this for now and soon I will post all about floating the Gunnison. I was a canoe champion!