Monday, June 05, 2006

Dominguez Canyon -- where we camped

Typical me spent a whole weekend doing something really cool and took not one picture of the event. My excuses are as follows: 1) my camera was not accessible to me in the tippy canoe and 2) I looked like ass (as the above picture will attest. Well, actually, no it won't because I chickened out and didn't post it) and so was not as enthusiastic about photo-taking as I may have otherwise been. That said, it's not all about me so I could have taken pictures of other things besides my unattractive self. Anyway, I didn't, so I'm relying on the charity of others for the photos I do have.

This is a shot of where we camped on the last night, which was really cool. We sailed through red canyons all weekend, explaining where Colorado got its name "color red." I thought that floating in a canoe all weekend would be really relaxing and lazy, but turns out that's not really true. It was very fun, but it was a lot of loading and unloading, setting up and taking down, and so forth. Still, once you get into camping, there's nothing like being outside for days at a time.

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