Monday, July 17, 2006

Press Tour, Day Two: It's Hot Here in LA

Day two started with an omelet buffet and CBS bragging about a promotion in which they inscribe advertising messages on eggs.

Yes, that’s what I said. Soon, you will be advertised to while making your morning scrambled eggs, if you are actually able to read at that hour. Learn more at:

We then listened to Katie Couric say absolutely nothing for an hour, after the omelet-making set off the fire alarms and made everything start a bit late. I think it’s ironic that journalist Couric gave some of the most vague and non-insightful answers I’ve ever heard. If she was on the other side of those answers, like most of the journalists here have been, she would have thrown her mike at her subject. That makes me wonder how much of a “journalist” Katie is, and how much she’s just a pretty, relatable face that successfully reads the news (all the time – on TV, radio, Internet – anywhere you are, she can be, in a sort of scary Big-Brotherish media development). She really did look great though.

The rest of the day was mostly famous-person free. I missed the Rachel Ray panel because I was filing, but I did eat some of her food for lunch, and it was mostly nothing great, although the chocolate macademia tarts were spectacular. The rest of the day comprised a panel on digital initiatives (yawn) and one on CSI, on which I bailed.

Sunday night I departed the world of TV, and returned to earth, having dinner in Santa Monica with my cousin and my visiting aunt. Margaritas and ocean views for everyone! We went to Gilbert’s El Indio on W. Pico ( and of course my cousin Birkleigh knew the manager. She’s such a funny girl.

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