Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Raccoons Take Over TV

In another example of the genius of the TV critic, the apparent star of ABC’s Men in Trees is Elvis the Raccoon. Elvis makes an appearance in the pilot as the destroyer of an ill-fated wedding dress, which is in Alaska for specious reasons anyway. The best part of this is that later in the scene, Elvis the Raccoon is played by a stunt double, Boomer the Terrier, who wears a raccoon costume as he runs down the stairs. Yes, I did just say that a terrier is wearing a raccoon costume in a primetime television program. Just in case you were wondering, Elvis and Boomer were both local hires. And although Elvis is nocturnal, he graciously agreed to work during the day. Elvis has at least a two-episode deal for the show, creator and showrunner Jenny Bicks revealed during the Wednesday afternoon session.

As B&C's Ben Grossman points out: When the panel starts focusing on the animal actors, you know the show has no chance. (See Ben's work at, a blog sponsored by my corporate alma mater.)

Seriously, these are the things these people ask. And my absolutely favorite question: “For everyone in the cast, please tell us what character you play and describe him or her.” Even though watching the pilot or even just reading the fat binder each network helpfully provides would immediately clarify for this for you, moron reporter, without wasting our time with your horrendous question that you keep repeating during every single panel session.

I’m not alone in my hostility. After the third time this same moron reporter did this, about 50 other reporters groaned in unison.

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