Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Boulder: Eden of the Front Range or Home of the Devil? Unclear

Here's a lovely aerial (for some reason, that word was really hard for me to spell) shot of Boulder, where I now live, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and really close to the hustle and bustle of small city life, which during rush hour can boast traffic that's about as bad as LA's, especially now that apparently almost every street in town needs to be repaired.

Anyway, Outside just talked again about Boulder as "the best place to live if you are a masochistic freak whose idea of a good time is to bike 120 miles up three mountain passes, but not so much if you are a fat, drunk couch potato who is easily made to feel like a slob." Outside's article on this well-discussed topic -- Boulder: pristine place of health and spirituality or home of the white and self-indulgent -- is pretty good. A friend of mine says that Boulder-bashing is almost as popular a past-time here as cycling, so be sure to also check out Marc Peruzzi's take: The Goretex Vortex.

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