Friday, August 18, 2006

I ask, the news responds

With Thursday's arrest of John Mark Karr, main suspect in the unsolved murder of Boulder's baby beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, I think we have our answer to my recently posed question -- Boulder: Eden of the Front Range or Home of the Devil? Well, Karr didn't really live here, um, ever, but he kind of looks like the devil, don't you think? Or maybe ET? In the interest of presuming that bonafide child molesters are innocent until they are proven guilty, however, I will stop short of saying that Karr is a) the devil b) guilty or c) an extraterrestrial.

Not to mention that his confession is the weirdest ever. First, he got all the details of the murder wrong. He says he raped her, but there's no evidence of rape. He says he drugged her, but there's no evidence of drugs. And he says he was IN LOVE with her, but there's no evidence of love or sanity really because who says publicly that they were in love with a six-year-old? And who writes said six-year-olds Christmas poems for random CU professors to go read to her once she is dead?

Anyway, being back in Boulder and all, I'm a little obsessed with this at the moment, but it should pass soon. My attention span isn't that long.

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