Thursday, September 16, 2004

All hail the return of Survivor

I wasn't looking forward to Survivor this time as much as I looked forward to Survivor: All-Stars (I wanted Boston Rob to win from about episode four and today I still think he should have won. I stalked Rob and Amber at the CBS upfront party in New York last May, by the way, and did actually have a conversation with Rob. I was a total moron). Anyway, after watching tonight, I'm hooked. I think it's the games. I always imagine myself playing those games, and of course, I always win.

If I had been on the island tonight, I would have voted Chris off. Sorry dude, but I agree that the weak link should go first. It's an easy call -- why make the decision harder than it has to be? Alas, that was not the way and Brook the unknown had the dubious honor of being first to go. I thought it was going to be Scout but Chris lost the challenge for the men, saving Scout for this week, and maybe making things tougher for the lazy sorority girls. Who knows? Maybe redneck Twila could win it all -- she's tough, she works hard, and she already seems to be emerging as a leader.

Anyone else (anyone who cares about Survivor that is, which might only be Katherine) want to venture a guess on who takes it all? Put it in the comments.


kat said...

Here's the biggest thought I went away with after the show ended... Who in the heck is Brook!? I know nothing about producing a TV show, but I do know this. They did a terrible job of editing that episode.

Or maybe Mark Burnett really doesn't care if we know who Brook is. After all, he's gone, who cares. Maybe they were more interested in us bonding with the bad boys and bad girls starring in weeks to come.

My favorite? The hunky FBI guy. Of course, he'll probably be voted off next :-
I hate the whole lazy girl thing. That happens every episode & it just rubs me the wrong way. I want them to be punished. I want them to pay for their lack of participation. But they don't. They skate along and end up still there at the merge and sometimes at the final 4.

Well... let's chat some more next Friday am... xxoo Kat

ashley said...

Okay, I know I'm late on the whole Survivor thing- but this is what struck me. I was so irritated with the way the women assumed that the men were getting special treatment from the natives of Vanuatu in the opening ceremony, and thereby taking the "feminist" attitude, and then being proven sort of right by the stupid men who made comments like "yeah, there were a few with nice tails on their team" what the hell? My personal opinion on this game is put people on who actually care about surpassing their own capabilities, not making it another soap opera about back stabbing. I think that's called "The Young And The Restless".

Hernando y Beatriz said...

Good to "see" you Paige. Well actually we would prefer more pictures with you in them rather than cats and stuff. I mean nothing wrong with the cat, but...
Hope all is good.