Saturday, September 11, 2004

Real reality TV and home-cooked dinner parties

Posted by Hello You would think that having covered TV for so many years, I would know everything that's on the tube. But with so many channels these days, it's impossible to keep up, even for one-time professional TV watchers like me. Anyway, today Mom and I came upon a show that was both surprising and compelling, MTV's True Life. The show features documentaries about young people, and the stories are much realer than anything on "reality" TV. The episode we watched today was about extremely obese young people and how they are dealing with their similar conditions in very different ways. It definitely gave me one of those perspective-altering moments.

Way off that subject, Happiest of Birthdays today to Karen W. and Yael O. Alyssa celebrates her 27th (remember that age?) tomorrow. I'm throwing a family dinner party tonight with wild mushroom and goat cheese lasagna and mascarpone (I've been spelling that wrong for years, I just learned) cheesecake. Alyssa's favorite dessert is cheesecake, and I don't hate it myself. So last night was a fairly work-intense evening spent shopping and cooking, but I've been so looking forward to cooking for family that there was nothing I would have rather been doing. Now I just hope all the food comes out OK!

Interesting to include that foodie-food post right after one about obese people. Hmmm, irony?

Just one more thing. Remember 9/11 today . It's been three years already.

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