Sunday, September 12, 2004

There's no days like spa days

Alyssa got her first facial ever on Saturday as a birthday gift from my mom so I tagged along. I have to say that facials are one of the most luxurious things on earth, except for the "extraction" part of the process, which neither Alyssa nor I found particularly pleasant. After all that extracting, we were both a little red and blotchy, not to mention greasy from the scalp massage. You would think people would glow after a facial, but mostly they look like they've just been through an ugly break-up that involved eating a lot of fast food and pints of Ben & Jerry's.

Still, all those lovely products on your face plus steam and lavendar-scented hot towels makes up for the painful parts. And while I don't love massages (strange people rubbing me always has seemed a little too intimate, although I did have a great massage therapist in LA, one of the people I definitely miss) or pedicures (like the dentist for your feet, in my opinion), facials are my weakness.

Something at Boulder's Finishing Touch that always has sounded good to me is the Cocoa Body Fondue and the Chocolate Raspberry Fantasy. Or maybe those things just sound like yummy desserts, but in any case, time spent at the spa beats time spent almost anywhere else. Word has it the owner went to high school with Brad Pitt, but alas, that does not guarantee an appearance.

By the way, dinner came out great! Too much wine was drank by all, but we ate like kings and had fun playing Taboo afterwards. Even mellow weekends are all too short --now it's Monday again and back to work.

The days they do speed by ...

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ashley said...

I wish I could have been there!!! I think your picture looks great!!