Thursday, September 09, 2004

Only in Boulder ...

I think there's about 1,000 articles that start "only in Boulder," so I decided to be as cliche as possible and start mine in the same way. Today's Only in Boulder thought came to me today as I was using the public restrooms on the mall. Or I should say The Mall, which is almost the same as it was when I went away to college in 1987 (1987?!?!) and a lot different than the other famous mall I used to live by in Washington, D. C. Anyhoo, the Boulder bathrooms have got to be the only public restrooms in America where classical music is piped in. Boulder just wants its citizens to have a pleasant bathroom experience after returning from a hike and having a frappucino, I suppose.

It's funny having been gone from Boulder for so long. Whenever I told people out in the world (with pride) that I was from Boulder, they would say "oh, is that the place where Jon Benet Ramsey is from?" It would offend me so much because I thought everyone should clearly understand the magic of Boulder, even though it is sort of stuck in the 70s. This question used to be about Mork and Mindy, but at least we've gone from a sitcom setting to the site of an unsolved murder. At least Kobe did his thing in Eagle, so that spares us a little.

Maybe it's a good thing that most of America has no clue about Boulder because hiking on Labor Day was still massively crowded. After hiking up a very steep hill, which needed an extra lane to accomodate all the dogs and people with babies on their backs, my mom and I went down to Denver for the Taste of Colorado festival, and that was very crowded as well. Just goes to show you that LA doesn't have a monopoly on crowds. Crowds or no, both events were fun, and nothing compares to the kind of hiking you can do around here.

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kat said...

Paige---I'm not at all surprised to find you Blogging. Every time I heard about Blogging on NPR I thought of you. My only suggestion...Find a way to get paid for it. I'm not exactly clear on why anyone would pay someone to online publish their random thoughts, but apparently it's done and as I've always been very interested in your thoughts on a multitude of subjects, I'm sure they're very valuable ;-) Love...Kat