Monday, September 20, 2004


Sarah Jessica, my idol ... Posted by Hello

My thoughts about Emmy, and I was batting like .785. Arrested Development foiled me a little, but that's because I'm so blindly devoted to Sex and the City.

Things I was happy about:

Sarah Jessica (not so happy about her speech however)
Cynthia Nixon
Meryl's speech (the win was a given)
JAMES SPADER (how awesome to hear James, think Gandolfini, and then hear Spader. To love him is to watch Secretary)
Mary Louise Parker, who would be my secret lesbian crush if I went that way
Michael Imperioli
Drea de Matteo + speech
The Sopranos finally winning the award they should have won years ago

Things I was not so happy about:

Allison Janney, but I think she wasn't that happy about it either. Poor Marskita Hargay or whatever that woman from L&O SVU's name is.
Where the hey was Nip/Tuck, one of the very best shows on television. Ditto Deadwood.
Elaine Stritch, who I find incredibly irritating, but then she's also sort of hilarious, so it's a toss-up. Still she beat Ellen, and I may have to hold a grudge about that.

Excellent quotes:

"It's not the way I would have gone, but okay," David Hyde Pierce on his Best Supporting Actor nod for the last season of Frasier.
"Often even I think I'm overrated ... but not tonight," the always awesome, graceful and grateful Meryl Streep on winning a category no one else should have even bothered entering.

I wondered if I would miss covering the Emmys and going to the parties afterwards. Verdict: A little. I was doing lots of cooking and watching it on TV, and I have to say, that wasn't a bad way to spend an evening either.

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kat said...

I'm sorry, but I thought Meryl just looked old :-O

Agree about Sarah Jessica's speach... kind of didn't care. Especially, since I really think the other Sex.. stars are not so chipper about the series being over. I'm getting the distinct impression that it was Sarah Jessica's move and they were all forced to go along.

Kristen Davis did give a hint, while talking to Star Jones, that there is something new re:Sex coming up.

Speaking of Star... What a refreshing change from Joan. You don't know - since you've actually _been_ at the Emmy's the last couple of years, just how HORRIBLE Joan had gotten.

Oh, and speaking of Pre-Emmy festivities... I thought the CBS show stunk. 1)They spent too much time advertising - commercials and what was up with that car bit? 2)They had so few celebs. If I hadn't had E! I would have been really bent.

Finally... Who _was_ that woman in the loin-cloth skirt? They flashed her a couple of times, but I was so stunned by the skirt I never looked at the face.

Okay - enough of that.. I'm an Emmy/Oscar TV junkie. I can't help it. The two times a year I neglect my family for the tube.